Toilet Map

toilet door signs 

Finding a toilet in public is not always easy and may be at times a critical situation. You can be as prepared as possible for all events but unless you can get to a toilet to do what you have to do it can be challenging. Liberty Medical provides the following link to an external site to assist you to locate a public toilet.

Toilet Map, provided by Chron’s & Colitis New Zealand, is a convenient resource for finding toilets when you are out and about.

The map provides:

  • Information on over 3,000 publicly available toilets across New Zealand
  • Search by amenity; unisex, male toilet, female toilet, wheelchair access, baby change, sharps disposal, parking, disabled parking, payment required

How to use the map:

  • Search for toilets by a particular city or amenity

You can access the map at any time if your mobile has access to the Internet.

For more information visit the New Zealand Toilet Map website.