Freedom to Play

Whether you love endurance, water, contact and / or aerobic sports, jumping back into exercise is a great way to regain fitness following your procedure. 


Aerobic Contact Endurance Water

As your stoma begins to heal following surgery, you may wonder about a more active lifestyle - either to resume the sports and fitness activities you have already enjoyed, or whether you'll be able to take up a new sport that you want to try.

As long as you have no complications and your healthcare professional has no objection, you can enjoy almost any kind of sporting activity. Contact sports such as rugby, karate or kung fu, are possible. Even sports that call for a lot of bending, such as bowling, lawn bowls and aerobics, have been taken up after stoma surgery.

Fitness and activity with a stoma

Your stoma is stronger than you think.

Your stoma may look vulnerable, but it is, in fact, quite hardy. The surgical incision should be fully closed just about ten days after the operation, and, over time, the scar tissue surrounding the stoma will reach its optimum strength.

Everyone, even those without a stoma, should take care to protect their abdomen. Now that you have a stoma, you want to be especially careful. With a stoma, the risk of hernia from lifting or strenuous exercise may be higher than that of developing a common groin hernia. This is because the muscles supporting the stoma have been cut and are not as strong as they were before surgery.

Ensure that you stay hydrated. Care should be taken to drink plenty of water, unless your doctor has told you otherwise.