Why see an STN?

Benefits of seeing a Stomal Therapy Nurse

A Stomal Therapy Nurse (STN) specialises in the management of patients with faecal and urinary diversions. In addition, the STN is an expert in the management of difficult and draining wounds, fistulae, gastrostomies, acute and chronic wounds and associated skin care. In short, STNs can assist with advice and management of any stoma and wound issue, and may also provide continence advice’.

The benefits of having a Stomal Therapy Nurse

People with a permanent or temporary stoma should make contact with a Stomal Therapy Nurse if:

  • You are having skin problems around your stoma.
  • Your pouch is not staying on.
  • Your stoma is changing size or shape.
  • Your weight is changing significantly.
  • You are developing a bulge around your stoma.
  • You are experiencing any other problems with your stoma.

Source: AASTN Stomal Therapy Nursing brochure, 2015